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Electra Brandt is your dedicated suplier of a wide range of products for marine, offshore and industry. From diesel engine spares, cleaenings machines or complete workshop loots stations Electra Brandt can assist you.

  • L'Orange

    Electra Brandt is an authorized distributor of L'Orange for the BeNeLux. L'Orange develops and produces for all major manufacturers of large diesel engines in the off-highway segment.
    Electra Brandt is your partner for the overhaul and supply of L'Orange diesel injection systems.

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  • Nilfisk-ALTO

    Nilfisk-ALTO has been developing quality cleaning equipment for professional use, for more than 100 years. Nilfisk-ALTO offers the right cleaning solution for each specific situation in virtually any environment
    All machines from Nilfisk-ALTO are of high quality material, have low maintenance and have a long lifespan. The machines are user-friendly, are ergonomic designed and help with optimal cleaning.

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  • Facom

    Your work environment is evolving every day. New technologies are changing your profession. The research centers of Facom anticipate continuously on the changes in these technologies and tools that you'll might need in the near future.
    New concepts, knowledge of materials, innovative processes, development of methods ... everything is being done in order to offer you the most suitable tool that directly meets the needs of the professional craftsman. Overall Facom provides efficient tools to increase your productivity.

    A selection from our range of Facom products:

    Intelligent tools to simplify your daily actions.

    Ergonomic tools for less effort.

    Reliable tools which ensures total user safety.

    Storage systems that saves you time and less likely will have a chance to lose tools.
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